Monday, October 27, 2008

Ball Drop Test #2

So I went to the animation lab last night and got a lot of help from craig, the shm website designer, with my frames! I think it was 1:40am when I came back to my dorm and redid my ball drop. This morning, I went back to the lab and met Eric from the Yee's 12:00 class. He critiqued my ball drop and told me to cut some frames down, and to remember how GRAVITY works! hahah... So here's my 2nd test!

Anyways, my ball's name is Borgus.
Birthplace: Transylvania, Romania
Background: Likes to meet other bouncy balls to have a bouncy bounce time! Secretly sucks the blood out of other bouncy balls when they aren't looking, making itself bouncier than before! ;D

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Kristina Wayte said...

ahhh. i miss that class...