Thursday, December 17, 2009


So basically I had trouble coming up with a story these past few weeks. My first idea got rejected three times sadly :(... however, during thanksgiving break I decided on doing a story about my band and I auditioning for the talent show during sophomore year of high school. With several events I had wanted to put into this comic, and the two page limit, I had to narrow it down with a whole lot of help from John and my friends. I pulled all-nighters for the first two comps while the third one was less demanding since I solved most of my problems. In the final, I was still trying to solve a lot of design issues haha... but I did the best I could, finishing five minutes before it was due... Not bad, not bad! haha

My first batch of comps. I like these ones but I still had problems with my story. I tried adding too many events!

Changed my story a bit. I was getting somewhere with these!!

I took out our lead singer and based it on my three friends and I. I liked these ones more, but with the time I had, they weren't as refined and tight as I would've like them to be entering into the final.

And no, I don't smoke weed :P


Just Another Classic said...

I love the closing comment! and everyone looks so accurate! i love it

Anonymous said...

yayy i like your final comic!

i especially like the layout of the first page -- the calendar flipped onto the first panel and one of your friends at the very edge of the left side.

the washes look pretty good, even though it was your first time using it! :P