Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's 2 o'clock and I'm still up. I'm up and wondering how many hours I've wasted over the couple of weeks. Not really. I'm sure those hours that I did waste were meant for something more :). The portfolio deadline is getting nearer by the hour! I have compiled everything that I want in my portfolio, so no worries! Now I just need to tweak my layout and get it printed by Wednesday afternoon. My personal statement however, needs reworking after some of my friends tore it part. I need to dig deeper! SHOW THEM MORE OF PETER LE. But yes...the stress... I didn't apply to any Universities or Private Art schools for college, so it's my first time really experiencing this kind of pressure. To create a professional portfolio exhibiting the best of your abilities...man... and seeing if they think you're good enough?! geez. XD...well well, only time will tell soon!


Geng said...

YEA YEA you can do it peter! good stuff

Sophie Diao said...

what are you applying for?

Peter Le said...

I'm applying to the BFA Animation/Illustration program here at SJSU. Currently I'm an "Art" major but if I get accepted this spring, I can take upper division animation + illustration classes in the fall and so forth. Eventually, I will be able to finish my degree and graduate lmao. SO I BETTER GET IN XD!