Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ah what a semester! I learned a lot and struggled a whole bunch! My enchanted forest came out better than I expected compared to my day. XDD Gotta keep it up! Go go go! I'll have better scans of these paintings once school starts again.


Athena Chow said...

I know this class was challenging... but I feel like these paintings really turned out beautiful, despite you thinking they are "just ok" on your Peter standard-meter :P

I feel really happy & proud for you, especially after seeing you struggle & progress through the very beginning with the many thumbnails to the very end with the final paintings!

keep up the great work!! :D


Chris Sanchez said...


Annlyn Huang said...

O MUH GOD PEEEETER these turned out great! I love the super gold goodness in the day shot..

Joe Tirasuwan said...

This is really good!

Geoff said...

Hey, I know this guy. This guy is an artist.