Thursday, September 17, 2009

Say What?

Our goals for this week's comic were the following:
#2 Design = clarity, readable
#3 Make it "professional"

The most difficult thing was coming up with the idea. It couldn't just be a chuckle, but a "LAUGH OUT LOUD" comic. After John gave out the assignment, I literally blanked out, telling myself, "wow this is going to be reaaaaaaal tough." So the best thing to do was to brainstorm! YES BRAINSTORM!!!

Nothing. Nothing worthy!

Then I tried analyzing some of the things I thought were funny. It helped a bit, but still for me, thinking of something funny is much easier than writing it to express how funny it is. Geez!

With some of the ideas I would've gone with, I wanted to still stick with my experiences. Things that I knew about. It's hard enough trying to create something I barely knew about, only ending up making it half-assed and lame...

This week's comic was based on my trip to University Art. After my roomates and I stocked ourselves with mountains of groceries from Costco, we headed to University Art for none other than some magical art supplies. I needed to buy 6 Carbethello pencils for Wednesday. Too bad there were only 3 left... (go to Robert's Bookstore, THEY're in stock there and cheaper!!!)

Feeling a bit disappointed with 3 less pencils than needed, I stumbled upon a Van Gogh doll sitting on a metal rack next to some artsy picture frames.


I was hoping in my head that his ear was detachable, and once I pulled it off.


Made my day.
Leaving the store I figured out my comic idea.
An hour later, I went back to take pictures of the doll and store.

Reference. Take advantage of it.

Now go buy one lol.


Hamza said...

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James said...

Lol that doll's CRAAAAYAAAYZAY! I acknowledge your strength... you may paaaayass...

The other Twin said...

Awesome post!! and yeah, when I saw that comic on the arthouse' wall, I literally Loled.

nice job, twinny!