Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water Polo

My first weekly strip for 112a. I worked my butt off on this one because I was disappointed with my comic page the week before. However, it's all a learning process and we all make mistakes. The #1 thing that was pointed out by John was "Design." Detail is irrelevant if the design is flawed. Do the panels read as effectively from afar and close-up? There's a lot I would definitely change but I figured, what the hey, it's my first!

#1 - Through the farthest reaches of time...

#2 - It's been formulated that white males were born to dominated the sport of Water Polo...

Granted with their...

#3 - Speed,
#4 - Percision &
#5 - Endurance

#6 - It seemed like no one could stop them.

#7 - But with the slightest hope in the hearts of the many fallen...

some supernatural force could defeat them.


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